Painting the exterior of your house once in a while can help you keep it looking great. It will give your walls a new look and a fresh coat of color. This will not only protect your walls from any weather but also enhance the beauty of your home. Before you begin to paint your walls, you need to know that caulking is required before you apply any paint. It seals any cracks, holes, or gaps. 

It acts as a sealant to close any gaps. It will cause cracking or bubbles if there is moisture in the walls. Water can also seep into the house and cause fungus. Elastomeric caulk can be used to eliminate cracks and holes in walls. This will save you money and time spent painting walls. You can also hire professional caulking contractors in Melbourne via

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It protects the walls and improves their adherence. The standard silicone caulking in Melbourne and polyurethane are also good choices. You should verify the quality rating and warranty rating of the caulk. It should be able to last at least 25 years. Remember to remove any old caulk prior to applying the new. You can also seek out professional caulking services in Melbourne. 

You can simply insert the tube in the caulk gun, and then cut 1/4 of the tip at an angle. However, too much may cause confusion. You should look for a mixture of two materials or components around exterior faucets or dryer vents. Before caulking, you should let the area dry.  You can use round beads. To create a smooth line, rub your finger on the beads.