Black truffles are among the most popular and expensive mushrooms in existence today. A black truffle contains a combination of two different types of proteins which produce a delightful and delicious taste. The best quality black truffles come from the Italian Alps, while the least flavorful varieties are usually made from North American species.

A truffle contains a mixture of two separate types of proteins that produce a delicious and distinctive flavor, both of which are produced by a group of subterranean ascomycetous fungi known as Scleroderma. Tuber, a sub-genus of Tuberomycota, is the first organism to produce the sugars that produce the distinctive flavor. The other type of protein found in the fruited truffle consists of two sugars, which are broken down to produce carbon dioxide and water. This is how the fungus produces the rich, dark flavor we enjoy.

A typical fungus produces a variety of proteins that make up the complex flavor profile of this particular type of fungus, however, it is only Scleroderma that has been shown to possess two specific genes that will produce the two different proteins required to produce this exquisite flavor in a mushroom. In the case of this fungus, the two genes responsible for producing these specific proteins are referred to as aSclerogenic Pathway and the gene responsible for producing the other one is referred to as a Saccharolytic Pathway.

It has not been proven yet that all Scleroderma fungi produce these specific types of proteins, but it is likely that this particular fungus does, in fact, contain the gene pair which is responsible for the production of these specific proteins. There are some fungi that may be able to produce both of these proteins and have a number of different flavors that make them different than Scleroderma.

Black truffles have been cultivated for thousands of years and even more, have tried and enjoyed them. While it is possible that the mushrooms are truly the oldest type of fungus to be harvested, it is also possible that some of the oldest specimens of this mushroom were cultivated around five thousand years ago in Italy. Black truffles are not only consumed fresh but dried for a long time period of time so that they have the ability to maintain their flavors.

Although black truffles do not have a shelf life like other fungi, they do have a shelf life for a long period of time. For instance, one pound of black truffle sea salt contains the same amount of fungus as a teaspoon of table salt. This is important because black truffles have the ability to withstand being stored in closed air for a very long period of time. They can actually be kept in the refrigerator and stored for up to twelve months without losing any of their flavor or aroma.

Black truffles are high in protein and have a wonderful nutty taste, making them a healthy snack food. When combined with fresh fruit, vegetables, or meat, they make a great appetizer or main course for a family meal.

Because there is no scientific evidence that Scleroderma produces any of the enzymes that cause food poisoning, the bacteria responsible for the formation of scurvy cannot live on these fungi. In this case, this makes the use of black truffle salt and other kinds of supplements a good way to get your body's immune system back into a healthy balance. Once you have cleared up the issue of being under the weather or if you just want to get your body into a healthy state of overall health, this type of natural remedy will help your body function at its optimal level.