If you are heading for this exotic travel destination soon, then here is the list of things that you shouldn't do in Malaysia.

1. Wearing shoes to the sacred places

Malaysia is the home to a series of heavily decorated temples. Malaysia tourism has earned huge appreciation all over the world for these stunning temples. During your vacation, it is obvious that you are going to visit at least few of them. Remember to take off your shoes at entrance before entering any sacred or holy place in Malaysia. Even you are visiting someone's home, ask the host where you should take off your shoes. If you are Indian and want to go to Malaysia then you need to apply Malaysia visa for Indians.

bukit bintang

2. Don't offer your hand first for hand-shake

Being an Islamic country, Malaysian people largely follows the rules and regulations described in Islam. Be careful with your physical gestures while enjoying a Malaysia tour package. Hugging and hand-shakes are pretty common practices in Western culture but you must not offer your hand first for hand-shake unless and until you are hinted to do so. The best effective way to greet someone is to smile broadly with a friendly nod.

3. Bringing up religion unnecessarily

In spite of being an Islamic country, Malaysia believes in peaceful co-existence of every religion and faith. This country is not known for any kind of religious intolerance and it is pretty safe for foreign travelers to visit.