Know About Different Types of Holiday Experiences You Can Have in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country which occupies the Malaysian peninsula and is a part of the island Borneo. The country has a number of beautiful beaches, rainforests and one can also see the major influences of Europe, India and China.

When planning a Malaysia tour package, one needs to understand that the country comprises of two geographically separate regions which are the peninsular Malaysia and the Malaysia Borneo. Before exploring things in the Malaysia, you need Malaysia tourist visa. In this article we explain the different types of holiday experiences on can have in the country are:

Malaysia’s tea-growing area is called the Cameron Highlands. It is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking adventure. This area has a mild climate and offers a beautiful view with a number of adventures waiting to sign up for.


There are many forest roads. There is also a field of flowers, beautiful ornate temples and tea plantations that make it a destination to go for walks and hikes. There are two major UNESCO world heritage site listed as a national park in Malaysia that should be part of your Malaysia tour package namely Kinabulu Park and Gunung Mulu National Park.  Both parks are located in Malaysian Borneo.

Don’t Do These Things In Malaysia

If you are heading for this exotic travel destination soon, then here is the list of things that you shouldn't do in Malaysia.

1. Wearing shoes to the sacred places

Malaysia is the home to a series of heavily decorated temples. Malaysia tourism has earned huge appreciation all over the world for these stunning temples. During your vacation, it is obvious that you are going to visit at least few of them. Remember to take off your shoes at entrance before entering any sacred or holy place in Malaysia. Even you are visiting someone's home, ask the host where you should take off your shoes. If you are Indian and want to go to Malaysia then you need to apply Malaysia visa for Indians.

bukit bintang

2. Don't offer your hand first for hand-shake

Being an Islamic country, Malaysian people largely follows the rules and regulations described in Islam. Be careful with your physical gestures while enjoying a Malaysia tour package. Hugging and hand-shakes are pretty common practices in Western culture but you must not offer your hand first for hand-shake unless and until you are hinted to do so. The best effective way to greet someone is to smile broadly with a friendly nod.

3. Bringing up religion unnecessarily

In spite of being an Islamic country, Malaysia believes in peaceful co-existence of every religion and faith. This country is not known for any kind of religious intolerance and it is pretty safe for foreign travelers to visit. 

Enthrall Malaysia and Its Stunning Attractions

Malaysia is the most beautiful destinations travelled by the visitors from around the world. This beautiful destination is one of the most visited in all of Asia. It is estimated that nearly 2 million tourists from around the world visit this beautiful destination throughout the year.

The country has favorable climatic conditions which easily attract the attention of every type of visitor who visit this country throughout the year. If you want to go to Malaysia then you need help of visa agent, as a reference, you can check


Malaysia has a diverse culture, rich heritage, attractive lifestyle and historic building that truly invite tourists to their beautiful holiday. You really can relax and enjoy your holiday fully in Malaysia. Malaysia really is a very beautiful tourist destination and always welcomes any travelers with open arms.

The beaches are stunning, spacious green hill stations, historic towns and modern, beautiful mosques and historical monuments easily offer holiday happiness.

Petronas Twin Tower

It is really beautiful. One can easily say the best destinations in Malaysia are Petronas twin towers. This elegant building is located in the capital city of Malaysia and lovingly identified as the youngest city in the whole of Asia.

Petronas Twin Tower is really one of the tallest twin buildings in the world and really very beautiful and worth to visit and explore. The twin towers have 42 floors sky bridge that joins both towers.