A common thing you hear from many fashion magazines is the advice that it’s better to buy 1 great suit instead of 3 sub-par ones, but is this advice rooted in reality?

Truth is most Americans do not have the budget to be buying $800+ suits to fill their wardrobe, at least not all at once, yet there is a stark contrast in quality and fit to the higher-end suits, that does justify the higher price tag. As much as we do not want to admit it most people judge a book by its cover and while you will still need great content, a better cover does get more opportunities to be read.

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What to do.

If you already have a working wardrobe of suits but are looking to upgrade, The “buying 1 killer suit vs. 3 mediocre ones” advice best applies to you. Unless you have the budget, it’s a very smart thing to put together a killer suit wardrobe one suit at a time. This strategy doesn’t work very well if you do not have an existing working wardrobe. If you need to wear a suit 5 days a week but only have a few hundred dollars to spend on suits, buying one killer suit is just impractical. So to start you might have to buy a couple of lower-end suits just so you have something to wear.

How many suits do you need exactly?

A simple formula for this is to count the number of days a week you need to wear a suit and add 2. I.E. if it’s 5 then you will need 7 suits. this will allow you to wear a different suit every day and have backups in case one or two get soiled or need pressing.

Rotating your suits will help them last longer as this lets sweat and moisture evaporate. Again this all revolves around your budget, and if you can buy the necessary number of the best men’s suits¬†all at once then by all means do so, but if that is not the case gradually building the suit collection is the way to go.