We all know that many websites spread rumors about wine storage units, just to assure that only the most elegant and luxurious wine coolers can prevent fine wines from turning into vinegar overnight.

If you don't know which wine storage system is right for you? The following steps will help you get the best wine storage system. You can search for the wine cellar cooling unit from various online sources.

Wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes. If you prefer Pinot Noir, according to me, go for a burgundy style bottle. The Burgundy-style bottles are elegant, with sloping shoulders and approximately ½ ”in diameter.

The differences between wine racks generally made of wrought iron, pine, redwood, stainless steel, and more recently plastic are more than cosmetic. Redwood is generally considered the best material for wine racks because it is naturally strong, odor-free, and resistant to mold. Pine, on the other hand, is prone to warping in wet conditions and must be sealed.

A wine rack is not a complete storage system. It must be combined with a cooling unit, isolated room, and low light levels to be useful for long-term storage. Wine should not be kept at room temperature and typical humidity conditions for more than 6 months. A wine refrigerator is a step forward, but its main purpose is to keep wine at proper serving temperatures for no more than a year.