If you are looking for a more leisurely Everest Base Camp trek, many of the services offered by the Everest Base Camp Trek Company will let you take your time and enjoy the stunning scenery. In contrast, if you are looking for an adventure, there are a number of different types of adventures available on the base camp trek.

From white-water rafting to mountain biking, there is something for everyone on the base camp trek package at https://followalice.com/knowledge/category/everest-base-camp. There are also a number of different ways to spend your time in base camp, from taking a guided hike to simply soaking up the natural beauty. 

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Take a walk through Namche Bazaar – Namche Bazaar is one of the most popular stops on any Everest Base Camp trek. The town is bustling with locals and tourists alike, and there are plenty of shops where you can buy souvenirs or snacks. If you have time, take a walk down to the river and look for some of the local wildlife. 

Spend a day hiking in Sherpa Land – Sherpa Land is one of the most beautiful areas in Nepal, and it’s worth spending a day hiking through it. The trails here are steep but well-maintained, and you’ll get a chance to see the local wildlife. If you don’t have time to spend a full day hiking, take two or three hours and do a short hike from Namche Bazaar. Walk through Thame – Thame is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Nepal, so it’s worth spending a little bit more time enjoying it.

There are lots of different trails that lead to Thame, but if you head just north of Namche Bazaar, you can access some good ones. Spend a night at the Everest View Lodge – This is another optional activity on the trek that’s open to guests only. You can book this through your guesthouse or in advance with recommended lodges.

Pack your backpack well in advance so that you are not rushing on your trek. Make sure to leave ample space for souvenirs, photographs, and other personal items. You don’t want to be lugging around extra weight on your climb up the mountain.