Truck Towing in San Antonio

Tow trucks are used to evacuate damaged vehicles from highways and roadways. They are a very important emergency service in times of heavy vehicle traffic around the world. Without efficient maintenance, this flow will stop in less than zero time.

There are several types of tow trucks in operation today, from the simplest to the very specialized.

You can browse to know more about the services of tow trucks in San Antonio .The simplest type is the hook and chain truck and is still widely used in third world countries. It uses a chain that lifts the damaged vehicle along the axle with the help of an arrow winch.

From this concept, an axle-mounted tow truck was lowered, which was equipped with a single clamp that could lift the front end of the damaged vehicle into the air for easy towing. The lifting mechanism is actuated hydraulically or pneumatically. This is probably the fastest way to drag and is often used in motion control.

Flat boards are used for pulling long distances. The flat board offers room for the entire handicap vehicle. This is accomplished by lowering a flat metal surface to the ground allowing the damaged vehicle to be towed from the back of the truck. There are also various tow truck combinations described above.