Explore India Tours – A Country of All Seasons

Old civilization with a variety of enduring monument, forts, religious places and myths, traditions of a bygone era, the scorching desert, many miles of beaches, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea, island scenery, the village of lush greenery, traditional & delightful Indian dishes and heartfelt & pleasant hospitality of local people of all are enough reasons to discover India and spend your holiday in India.

There are many universities in the USA that offer study in India program for foreign students with different courses by which you can explore more about India.

India is one of the most demanding tourist destinations and attractions in Asia. India is a great land that is covered on three sides, like a peninsula, by the Sea. It has three main geographical regions – the Himalayas, the Indo-Gangetic plains, and the peninsula.

During every season India can offer an amazing variety of destinations and experiences. In summer, when hot, there are a lot of beautiful Himalayan and non-Himalayan hill resort.

India also has a lot of cool trekking paths. During travel to Himachal, one can enjoy at many hill stations and cool trekking on the road.

It is often called that India is a land of wonderful monuments. Rajasthan has many imperial palaces, monuments, forts which have their own historical importance

If you are traveling northern India, your tour would be complete without taking part in one of the most popular tourist circuits, called the Golden Triangle.