Heat Transfer Press Types – Choosing the Best Machine For Your Needs

There is a myriad of various heat transfer press kinds to pick from, just like anything else in this world. In terms of features and what it can produce, each variety provides a little something different.

Furthermore, you will see that the price varies depending on the press. With that in mind, here are a few different types of heat transfer presses to consider. You can also get the best hydraulic stretch forming service in Ontario.

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Manual heat presses are the first form of heat press to consider on the market. Within the manual market, there are a variety of various models and brands to pick.

Manual presses allow you to control the temperature and pressure of the heat on your own, lowering the cost. This is definitely the best option if you only want to make a few t-shirts.

Auto heat presses are the next generation of heat transfer presses. These are far more versatile, with everything is taken care of for you. They are air-operated and have an automatic heat setting, allowing you to conserve energy and strength. These are better suited to someone who intends to turn it into a business.

Cap heat presses are the next in line of heat press types in terms of price. They are used to press images and graphics on caps of all sizes and types, as the name implies. They have cap hold-down systems, a flotational upper platen, and temperature gauges to assist you in determining the proper heat for the graphic.

Rotary drum heat presses are a step up in quality and price, with three zones of heat control, adjustable pressure, and an automatic belt tracking system.

These are for serious businesses and corporations, as a single machine can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000. The high quality of the finished product and the large number of shirts you can produce makes it all worthwhile.