Choosing the Right Fire & Security Suppliers

Many organizations are aware of their responsibilities in terms of fire and safety requirements, but struggle to find the most suitable supplier. Getting it right is critical because the safety of staff and resources is paramount.

There are many companies that offer their services, but how can you judge the quality of their work and their ongoing customer service? Will they fix the problem without making a lot of noise and will they be there to do it? You can also hire the best fire protection services through Custom Fire.

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Do you know how well a company is run? Are you financially stable? Are they adequately protected if something goes wrong and are their employees' safety checked?

Also, pay attention to the requirements of police and firefighters responding to alarms. Police will now only respond (in addition to 999 calls) for monitored intruder alarms and CCTV systems installed and maintained to a reasonable standard by a company that can demonstrate it with approval by the appropriate licensing authority. 

Firefighters take the same route for monitored fire alarm systems, and insurance companies also want to reduce their risk by selecting suppliers that are proven to meet the highest standards.

How do you identify this provider? Obtained approval from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). NSI is an independent, non-profit certification body that provides inspection and certification services to the fire and security industries. 

For more than 30 years, NSI has been protecting customers by applying the highest standards and implementing the most stringent inspection systems. Businesses are regularly inspected by highly qualified full-time inspectors to demonstrate that they continue to meet the highest standards. 

NSI Customer Service strengthens the reliability and integrity of the organizations it audits. All NSV systems exceed the relevant requirements of police, fire, and insurance companies.