Inexpensive and Personalized Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

With the holidays rapidly approaching, are you trying to come up with creative and unique gift ideas for pet-loving friends and family members?

There are a variety of simple yet personalized items that you can craft yourself with just a little time and effort. You will, however, need access to the pet (or at least the pet's photographs) to complete these works of art. Following are just a few suggestions that are sure to please pet parents! If you are looking for Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers, you can check out via the web.

You can buy a kit to make this mold, or you can look for the clay in a variety of colors and textures, roll out and take an impression paw print. Put a small hole in the top of the print and, when dry, stringy colorful ribbon through it. There are a number of different types of clay that will work for this, the most convenient air dry clay creatures such as Crayola.

However, some clay that require baking, like Sculpey products, come in a number of different colors and can create a more festive decoration. 

A personalized pet calendar is yet another gift idea. If you are particularly creative, you can make a one-year hanging wall calendar with scrapbook paper, an 8 1/2 x 11" 2010 calendar printout, and the pet's photos. You can find printable calendars on-line ( is one option).

Once you have printed the landscape calendar on a good quality paper, affix it to a background such as scrapbook paper, cut large enough to accommodate the calendar as well as any pet photographs you wish to include. Laminate the calendar, cut a small hole at the top and thread a festive ribbon through it for a year-long tribute to your pet-lover's best buddy.