All about the Holy Land Tours

The Holy Land tour is evocative of a unique reminiscence of religious history and helps explore the diverse cultural heritages and regimes of the past. It is a realistic experience, whereby visitors and pilgrims get to re-live history and explore their spiritual roots. If you want to visit the Holy Land in Israel, then you can browse the web.

The tour involves Israel, the centre of the Holy Land and the neighboring Jordan and Egypt. The Jordan valley is known for its archaeological excavations, and Egypt is a fascinating land of antiquities and heritages. 

Israel is associated with a deep history and no other place on earth is known to have such a long history that is so well-documented and applicable to the current era.

There are many travel agencies and tour operators around the world and in Israel that offers a Holy Land Tour with a customized itinerary consists of the pilgrimage destination relevant to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Pilgrims and visitors should ensure pilgrimage sites and destinations that they do not want to lose, and choose the appropriate plan or package tour. Because there are manifold types of travel at an affordable price, visitors have the luxury of choosing what they want.

After reaching Israel, the Holy Land tour leads to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, and then to the city of Capernaum, Hammat and Tiberias. Passing through the valley of Jezreel visitors will find Beit Alpha which has a mosaic floor depicting a synagogue.

The Jordan valley leads to the oldest city in the world, namely, Jericho, which shelters the ruins of biblical era. In Jerusalem, pilgrims visit Mount Zion, the Holy Sepulcher Church, King David's Tomb and the Mount of Olives. Via Dolorosa, Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock is the other important places in Jerusalem.