NSHP is well known as an efficient eco-friendly disinfectant, determined to be a highly effective antibacterial, virucide, amoebicide, fungicide, algaecide, etc.

It's an effective combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and silver demonstrating best results in terms of killing germs in all possible media programs of air, surface, water, and soil. To know about 3 h2o2 solution visit https://www.bosterbio.com/3-h2o2-ar1108-boster.html

As an uncertain chemical compound, Hydrogen Peroxide cracks down easily into the water and one oxygen molecule.

The oxidizing Hydrogen Peroxide is destructive to the cell layers and internal cellular structures; silver being nonmutagenic, consequently alters the DNA construction, rendering them ineffective of reproduction.

NSHP is used as an efficient disinfectant in the fields of agriculture, food and drink industries, process industries, and other institutions perpetuating secure hygiene. It functions both as a stabilizer in addition to an activator, keeping the peroxide ions secure.

Field Insulation: Detrimental organisms like downy mildew, botrytis blight, anthracnose, powdery mildew, bacterial leaf emblems and cankers, pests such as nematodes, and mites are abolished drastically by using NSHP in its optimal dose.

Fumigating the dirt with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide requires no flushing with water, no polythene covering for days, which leads to less time consumption, reduced money expenditures, and less water use. More unexpectedly, it prepares the bed to prepare for plantation in four to six hours.

Dealing with silver Hydrogen Peroxide contains drip, drench, spraying classifications, frequency of application, and dose relying on the acuteness of the disease.

Plant pruning tools behave as ways for ailments and treatment of silver Hydrogen Peroxide disinfects the same.

Post-harvest rinse with silver Hydrogen Peroxide divides the poisonous pesticidal deposits which cause customer refusal.

Field water sanitation, unplugging of drip lines and venturi meters, biofilm removal all are treated using this product.