Information technology is an engineering discipline. It is directly related to the use of computers and telecommunications to obtain, transmit and store important data. IT management is an industry where all the technology resources of every company are managed according to its priorities and needs. You can check here for more information about technology management.

Resources include all booths rented to manage and maintain physical resources such as networks, software, computer hardware, data facilities, and data centers. In a company, the management of these responsibilities is directly related to many other key functions such as recruitment, organization and control and budgeting. Nonetheless, there are many other aspects that are unique to technology software design, change management, technical support, network planning, and more.


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IT and value creation

Thanks to technology, value creation is possible. The focus of information technology management is on this value creation. This requires a unique combination of business strategy and technology. On the other hand, when value creation includes the very strong internal and external environmental relationships of an organization, technology serves as an important resource for improving the entire value chain of a particular organization.

However, for successful results, increasing information about business and management technology requires collaboration, creation and synergy to work as a team rather than as a whole.

IT infrastructure

Information Technology Infrastructure Library v3 presents management information technology infrastructure as a combined set of software, tools, hardware and networks for testing, developing, monitoring, providing, monitoring and maintaining IT services. However, in the context of ITIL, the people involved in the process, the process itself and all related documentation are not part of the IT infrastructure.