Hiring a diverse workforce is more than just filling up quotas or posting advertisements with photos of different employees. In our view, true diversity begins with the mission of gaining strength as an organization by attracting extraordinary people with different backgrounds, skills, ideas, and cultures. Improving diversity in recruitment can promote a wider range of applicants and mitigate the risk of missing out on the best candidate for the job. Improving diversity in recruitment can change in thinking and can help you get back on your feet.

What Boards Can Learn About Diversity From HP - Corporate Board Member

Look for open-ended answers to tough questions. Is your current organizational culture welcoming and inclusive? Is this acceptable for everyone, including often neglected populations such as people with disabilities and elderly workers? Recognizing your cultural weaknesses is an important step in improving your community so that hiring efforts are not hindered by high turnover rates among minority employees.

Familiarize yourself with the specific needs and values of each group. Don’t view all potential minority candidates as a group – each specific goal will likely have individual needs. Factors such as bias and stereotypes towards certain racial or ethnic groups, whether conscious or unconscious, can impact the workplace negatively and result in a high attrition rate. 

Ensure there is support for diversity initiatives at all levels of your company. This is especially important at the executive and senior management levels. Executive actions should reflect your diversity guidelines, especially those involved in hiring and managing employees.