The part of the body which serves as a pillar to support the body's weight and protect the spinal cord is known as the spine. It also provides flexibility to the body.

The art of standing up while we are sitting or lying down is done with the spine only. It is important to keep the spine protected. Otherwise, the motion of the body will be hampered. You can get the treatment from a spine surgery center of Honolulu through


There are certain diseases and disorders which do not let the spine perform in a normal manner. In case of major conditions, the solution is in the form of surgery.

Traditionally, spine surgeries are supposed to be open surgeries but with the help of new technologies and the latest equipment, there are now minimal access spinal surgery treatment options.

Doctors prefer to opt for minimal access to spine surgery to fasten the healing process. As there are no long incisions made in the body, there is no damage to the surrounding muscles in the spine. But the indications of this type of surgery are similar to open spine surgery.

It is only recommended when traditional treatments such as medication and physical therapy have failed.

With the help of minimally invasive spine surgeries, there is a lesser chance of injury to the muscles and normal structures in the spine. The surgeon will see only the area where the problem exists in the spine.

It creates a tunnel to the small area where the problem exists in the spine. Instead of cutting the muscles, it holds the muscle open and is kept in place throughout the procedure.