If you really want to enjoy a fantastic cup of tea, you need to venture away from your home, skip past the grocery store, and instead find yourself a local tea house that can blow your mind with amazing teas that you have probably never before tasted. Enjoying a freshly brewed pot of tea in one of the various tea houses of the world can really open your eyes to the incredible world of tea that exists outside of the boxed blends that we find in our supermarkets and corner stores – and you simply cannot call yourself a tea connoisseur unless you visit at least a handful of Serenity garden tea house

However, as amazing as the sensation of having a warm cup of tea in a tea house can be, it can be awfully hard to find a great establishment – especially if you are not really near any major metropolitan areas.

Digging around for tea houses in your local area if you are not terribly close to a bustling city can be a difficult prospect though – but it is possible to find them. This is where the internet really comes in handy. Simply visit a website called TeaMap and you will be whisked away to a site that is full of information about where to find local tea houses based on your zip code or state.

From there you can plan full trips centered on visiting all of the most amazing tea houses you have ever seen. You will also be treated to great reviews by people who have actually visited the tea house you are considering, so you can know exactly what to expect.