With new and innovative options the concrete surface is no longer regarded as raw slabs that are meant to be covered in tiles, carpets, or any other material. There is a rising desire for decorative surfaces that provide functional, combining utility, practicality, as well as breathtaking aesthetics.

Polished Concrete Finishes:

Diamond dust-covered polishing on the honed concrete surfaces in Gold Coast provides a smooth, shiny polish that lasts for lengthy lengths of time and requires little re-finishing. Polished concrete floors eliminate the need for expensive carpets and vinyl flooring. The appeal of polished concrete is due to the innovative use of techniques, making it an ideal canvas for artists. 

honed concrete

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Concrete Finishes that are pre-cured:

A variety of beautiful concrete finishing options are applied while the concrete is still damp. The shades of color are added following the pouring process and after drying, creating an aesthetic appeal that gives the appearance as if they're natural components of concrete. When colors are added to the whole mix of concrete, earthy hues or pastels appear as the final result.

Post-Cured Concrete Finishes:

Concrete staining is usually applied to post-cured surfaces. Also called acid etching the chemical stain that is acidic releases salts of metallic to the concrete slab, and then changes lime deposits into color compounds. To create more vibrant colors, a greater cement content is required. The temperature affects the colors that are produced by chemical stains and hot weather can cause less stain penetration

Concrete Overlays/Resurfacing:

Concrete overlays are a fantastic method of repairing damage to the surface. Overlays are less expensive than the replacement of the whole system. A mix of polymer resins is the most popular overlay in concrete because of their high performance.