For 2021, the largest Bavarian celebration is back with a celebration to celebrate community, heritage, and friends. Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest features Festhallen, Micro-Festhallen experiences. 

The new Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest offers pop-up festival fun to local restaurants and communities. Bingemans Oktoberfest celebrates its iconic Kool Haus Biergarten outdoors, with limited ticketing to ensure physical separation. You can also get the best information about the events in Waterloo through various online sources.

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Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo today, Canada's most recognizable Thanksgiving Day parade, is held annually over nine days. But let me tell you something: Thanksgiving in Canada occurs on the second Monday of October every year. 

Every day is a learning experience. Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo starts the Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving and ends on Saturday.

Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo is not held in one location like Oktoberfest Munich. Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo's rest is scattered among 17 festhallen, and around the town at more than 40 cultural events. 

Each festhallen offers visitors an unforgettable experience. They all offer food and beer (and possibly other things, but you wouldn't know it). These halls are run by local German clubs and feature traditional music and dancing.

Although Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo may not be as big an international event like the one in Munich, it is still the largest and most responsible North American festival. On average, 700,000 people attend Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo each year to celebrate beer, German culture and to give thanks.

Oktoberfest Kitchener Waterloo's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the talk of Canada. It is the only major televised parade.