Dental care begins at a young age, placing the responsibility on parents to teach good oral hygiene. Proper dental care should be maintained for a lifetime in order to prevent dental problems from developing.

Professional care is an important part of dental care for children. Brushing, Examination, rinsing, flossing and fluoride treatment is a major component of dental care during childhood. You can also look for professional dental excellence & care in Pittsford to get the best dental solutions.

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Starting and Maintaining Dental Care for Children:

Dental care should begin during the newborn and infant years. Wiping gums with a damp washcloth after meals and putting children to bed with only bottles of water help to prevent issues when teeth develop.

Dentists who cater to children often recommend a trial visit that exposes the child to the dental office environment. Children who have their teeth brushed every day should have a comfort level with the oral examination portion of a dental visit.

Other Important Components of Dental Care for Children:

Dentists recommend that children receive professional applications of fluoride at least two times a year. Braces are used to straighten teeth and improve the bite, helping to prevent jaw problems and crooked teeth that may contribute to tooth decay, abnormal tooth wear, chewing difficulties, and more. Parents should reinforce the message that we each receive only one set of permanent teeth so we must care for teeth properly over the years.