Probably one of the very crucial treatments for treating and preventing diabetes is physical exercise. Well-toned muscles take in the glucose and put it to use for energy, lowering glucose levels. 

For those unable or reluctant to exercise, body shaking delivers a partial alternate. Body vibration, also known as Bio Mechanical stimulation or biomechanical oscillation, consists of sitting or standing on a vibrating stage for a single minute.

Advocates claim the therapy gives a low impact workout for skeletal muscles. You can get to know more about muscle vibration therapy via

muscle vibration therapy

In Australia, research is carried out to ascertain whether whole-body vibration can lower blood glucose in people who have been identified as having diabetes. Their study, reported in the journal Maturitas in September 2013, added 50 people with Type 2 diabetes. Half were awarded routine care, and also the other half were awarded regular care and whole body shaking therapy.

At the conclusion of 12 weeks, the group receiving vibration therapy showed a much higher advancement in their own blood sugar control compared to the group receiving just routine care. 

The former had a normal HbA1c reduction of 0.55 percentage while the latter demonstrated an improvement of just about 0.34 percent. Cholesterol and blood fats also improved at the vibration collection. From these results, it was concluded vibration therapy was effective for controlling Type 2 diabetes and lowering a diabetic's risk of cardiovascular disease.