Accountants are professionals who are familiar with bookkeeping. They are men and women who have skills and knowledge in the field of accounting, whether for individuals, companies, NGOs, or related agencies.

As part of their work, they are tasked with developing and controlling the accounting systems needed to record various business, commercial and financial transactions both inside and outside the company. You can also check for the best account management service via the web.

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The data documented and recorded by this system helps the company's decision-makers (who in most cases are managers or shareholders) to make the best decisions regarding the flow of finances and other resources.

As a business industry, there are many departments. Over time, the dynamic nature of the business world has encouraged the development of new fields in this field; as a means of keeping up with the ever-growing accounting needs of the business and management community, which are also different.

Financial accounting and reporting

As the name suggests, this particular type is associated with the development of reports intended for external use. Reports are prepared as annual accounts.

Forensic Accounting

This form of accounting includes aspects of accounting and research collected to uncover financial fraud and determine financial losses incurred during transactions; with the facts used in court proceedings.

Tax accounting

Tax accounting has become one of the most popular types of accounting services. The accounting services provided here relate to the tax liability of individuals and corporations.

Other forms of accounting that have been gradually mastered and used by accountants include project accounting, government accounting, and social accounting.