A  New York jury recently awarded $ 15 million to a nurse who allegedly harassed by a doctor. Not only does physical harassment poisons the work environment, but it can also cost the company a fortune. Physical harassment training is more than just government requirements.

It is an important component of all employee training. While the training requirements vary state to state and each company has a different way to handle it, let's look at what is generally involved in the training. You can click over here https://harassmentalert.com/ and find more on this training in detail.


Appropriate and inappropriate behaviour

Most training programs focus on clearly outlining what is right and proper behaviour. Many people think they know what it is, but usually, only have a vague idea of what it actually covers. Basic rules and barriers need to be clearly defined. As employees become more aware of behaviours that are appropriate or inappropriate, they will be more likely to recognize it in their own relationship, as well as when they have become victims themselves.

Clear definition of physical harassment

Most programs also clearly break down standard harassment behaviours. They do more than just outlining the company's harassment policy and identify and label each behaviour so that it could be clearly defined.