The gray hair cannot be blamed on age, always. There are other reasons that need to be understood. But the modern-day lifestyle is the biggest cause for early gray hair. Have you ever wondered what causes gray hair? Why does the hair on the head several young people obviously gray?

The reason our hair goes gray because our bodies produce free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent which makes gray hair. You can also buy the hair supplement for grey hairs by navigating at Gray Hair Products - Anti Gray Hair Natural Formula ...

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These naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide bleaches melatonin in our system that causes hair to lose color and turn gray. On the other hand, our bodies also produce the enzyme catalase damaged and prevents the build-up of hydrogen peroxide.

However, the body produces less and less of the enzyme catalase as we grow older. If you do not produce enough catalase, the hydrogen peroxide takes the upper hand and hair turns gray.

A new vitamin for gray hair has been found to be the most effective solution to the reversal of gray hair. Ultra-high concentration of the enzyme catalase combined with natural herbs, herbal and mineral additives to bring back the natural luster and beauty of your hair.

Taking these two vitamins pills every day will bring back your natural hair color just 8-12 weeks, just about the same length of time for your hair to grow naturally.