The pool cover is a large cloth used to cover the pool to protect the pool from stains or damage from various elements. There are different types of pool coverings, each with its own features, which will be discussed in more detail later.

Its use has several advantages for ponds and pool owners.

First, it prevents most of the debris and debris from entering the pool, which keeps the pool cleaner for longer. It doesn't take the owner much time and effort to clean the pool. It also protects the pool from dirt that can damage the pool.

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It then also serves as a safety measure for households with small children or small pets. He caught unsupervised children accidentally falling into the pool, preventing accidental drowning.

Finally, it helps reduce pool maintenance costs. It can effectively seal the things that need to be in the pool. This prevents the water from evaporating too quickly, thereby saving owner water costs.

It also helps keep the water warm for longer, thus saving energy on heating costs. In addition, pool chemicals can work more efficiently over a longer period of time, saving on pool chemical costs.

2. Different types of pool cover

1. Net covers are mainly used as a safety measure to prevent the accidental drowning of children who may fall into the pool. The holes are small enough not to fit in the head or body of a child. However, it was large enough to fit their limbs. That way they can't walk on it. You wouldn't think it was a hard surface. However, it cannot prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool.

2. A layer of finer mesh-like netting that will properly filter most debris such as dry leaves, fallen branches, and small rocks. However, water can still pass through. This is good because there won't be any buildup of water on it, but it can also be bad because microscopic particles of dirt will still enter the pool.