Some Life Insurance Tips For Smokers

In terms of life insurance and smoking, no carrier or type of coverage can be considered the most favorable. Although the rate is always higher among smokers than nonsmokers, the difference increases dramatically with age.

What should you say about your smoking habit? The short answer is to always be honest because it is in your best interest. This is a very complex test and can tell the difference between current consumption and secondhand smoke. You can also look for the best whole life insurance policy for smoker via the web.

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Keep in mind that every frau policy usually includes a two-year avoidance clause in the application. Will the company offer no smoking rates to smokers? 

If you quit during this time, you can continue with a lower premium, otherwise, the percentage will increase to the percentage of smokers.

Not all insurance companies believe that cigar or pipe smokers automatically fall into the smoker category and the differences can be dramatic. 

This also applies to people who use nicotine patches to quit smoking. Most insurance companies allow no smoking ratings after one year of not using nicotine, and those ratings can increase over time.

A good counselor will discuss your smoking history in detail before offering the best value for your needs. In my experience, most smokers want to quit.

To get term life insurance at a smoke-free rate, ex-smokers must have quit for at least one year. If you have recently stopped the medication, tell your doctor and ask for a note on your card.