The History of the Internet in Charleston, SC

The history of the internet in Charleston, SC dates back to the early days of the internet when it was used primarily by scientists and researchers. The city is home to a number of internet pioneers including Ken Thompson, who created the first version of the TCP/IP protocol, and Craig Newmark, who founded Craigslist. Today, the city is home to several major tech companies, including Intel and Google, as well as a number of online universities.
The invention of the world wide web occurred in 1995 at the University of South Carolina. While it was being built, a loose-knit group of users began organizing.
The first website in the United States was created by Marc Andreesen and Douglas Comer at Carnegie Mellon University in March 1993. In May 1993, Marc Andreessen wrote a paper proposing to build "a global hypertext protocol" that would allow the creation of a web browser and web server using a computer's existing internet connection. 
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The Charleston Website Designs That Will Make You Say Wow: Colonial Style Websites

Many Charleston websites use classic colonial-style designs. These designs are often simple but elegant, using white backgrounds with blue or green accents.

They usually have a header featuring a blue or green flag, and content is typically presented in a columnar layout with ample white space.

Some of the best examples of these style websites can be found on the websites of local businesses such as The Charleston Chamber of Commerce and The Preservation Society of South Carolina.