All You Need To Know About Capsule Machine

The encapsulation device, also known as a capsule filler, capsule filling machine, or encapsulation machine, is a mechanical device that is often used for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes. 

The process of filling an empty capsule with a substance is called encapsulation. You can also get information about best capsule machine through

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

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The functional principle of the capsule filling machine

All capsule filling machines must have the following general operating principles:

  • Correction (poor orientation of the gelatin capsule).
  • Separation of the capsule from the body.
  • Dosage of filler/formulation (body filling).
  • Connect hat and body
  • Discard the filled capsule.

Types of capsule filling machines

There are several types of encapsulation machines available and these machines are selected based on:

  • Requirements of manufacturer/capsule type (hard capsule or soft capsule).
  • The number of capsules to be produced.

The encapsulations used to wrap hard gelatin capsules can be classified or referred to as three types.

  • Capsule filling machine with manual/manual control.
  • Semi-automatic capsule filling machine.
  • Automatic capsule filling machine.

Automatic encapsulation

Encapsulator – automatic drawing machine for filling capsules

The automatic calculator is a capsule filling machine designed and manufactured to automatically fill empty hard gelatin capsules with powder and granules.

The automatic capsule filling machine is extremely durable and reliable when it comes to filling capsules and maintaining the integrity of the filled capsules.