Health and Safety in the Workplace

An employer is responsible for identifying the risks and then address them.

Risky task

All employers must conduct a risk assessment and noted the findings. In offices and shops will be a simple process that will not be too time-consuming. An employer then needs to address each of these risks and provide clear information and training for staff and prepare emergency procedures. You can get to know about online NEBOSH Courses or certified general E-learning short courses via online search.

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Every workplace is different of course, but as a standard here are some tips that employers and employees must follow:

• Fire doors need to be closed all the time, you will know they are fire doors if they have a label saying so on their

• Emergency exits and walkways should be kept clear and unobstructed at all times non

• Leading and cables should not be stretched on a path that could make the trip or electrical hazards

• Heavy items should not be stored on high shelves

• Employees do not have to carry heavy luggage without the proper training and did not lift luggage is too heavy for them

• Employees must not climb heights without proper training and certainly not to climb on a table or chair

• Fire extinguishing equipment such as extinguishers should be checked frequently

• Alarms should be checked regularly – to make sure they could be heard throughout the entire building

• Employees should be fully aware of the fire and emergency evacuation procedures

Make sure your employees are aware of how to handle these situations, make sure all staff members who are familiar with escape routes, assembly points and where the equipment is located.