Removals Company vs Do It Yourself

Moving home is probably one of the most stressful things we all have to do at some point in our lives. One of the biggest decisions associated with moving home is whether to use professional removal agencies in Sydney or to try and do it yourself.

Do it yourself

Depending on the size of property you own and the volume of items to be moved, doing it yourself can be physically tiring. If you have sold your house, you will likely need to have removed all your possessions by lunchtime on the day the sale completes. 

Ask yourself, is this something that's realistically achievable for you? Or should you get help?

You will probably need to purchase packing materials and boxes from somewhere to get everything ready for your house move. You may also need to consider hiring a van to transport your items. 

Removals Company

When you use a professional removals service, yes you will be paying extra for that service, just like any other paid service. But you will get so much more for that extra money. Almost all the things you needed to worry about when doing the removal yourself get taken care of for you, included in the price.

Your removal company does this on a daily basis. So they are very accustomed to short time frames and the need to have your sold property completely emptied by lunchtime on the day of completion. This will all be included in your removals quotation.

Your removal company should arrive fully prepared for the job in hand. Their trucks and vans kitted out for the task with all the necessary equipment.