What Does the Amazon Sales Rank Mean and is It Significant?

If you are an Amazon.com customer and you are browsing the "Product Details" of a specific book, you can interpret the Amazon sales rank as a measure of the popularity of this book. 

The more the Amazon sales rank will increase, the book will become more popular as determined by the number of recent sales of that book through the Amazon marketplace. You can buy this tool https://www.turbopiranha.com/amazon-estimated-monthly-sales/ to generate the automated report of the amazon sales for your business. 

For a bookseller, Amazon sales ranking is very often correlated to how quickly a particular title might sell. Predictably A book with a very low-rank on Amazon to sell in a few minutes or hours of listing, and a book with a sales rank of 3,000,000 might take several years to sell.

The analogy is often used by booksellers by Scouting for books to add to their inventory. In scouting for books, people do not look at the Amazon sales rank for books higher prices because they do not want to stack lots of firewood on the shelves, but it is certainly not the measure to use for most book purchases. 

By compiling the Amazon ranking data for thousands of books that have been sold, using Amazon row at a time when it was bought them, and when where it was sold respectively. By collecting the data to see if there was a correlation between the ranking of Amazon sales and the time it takes to sell a book. The welfare of the adjustment data is particularly apparent in a semi-logarithmic plot.