Choices For Closing A Swimming Pool For The Winter Months

Closing your in-ground swimming pool for the winter is an important task which must be carried out properly in order to protect your pool from harsh weather and to ensure that your spring opening goes as smoothly as possible. 

The process is actually simple when it is just broken down into simple parts.


Once the pool has been prepared for the winter months, placing a cover over it to protect it against the elements contribute immensely in the field of protection. This also helps to keep debris finding its way into the water, especially during rain storms and autumn, when the leaves begin to fall. You can even hire professionals for the installation of covers of indoor outdoor swimming pool via

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Although water has been treated, it can still accumulate algae and bacteria. Investing in automatic pool cleaners is a practical idea. Instead of having to take the time to remove the lid and skim the water with a net, just hang the hose for cleaning, put it in water and let it go.


The next thing that must be done is make sure that all debris has been removed from the water and pump. Once this was accomplished, consider balancing the chemical level in the water. This can help eliminate the problem of bacteria and algae, which will reopen the pool next season much easier.

Some people choose to lower the water level or completely empty the pool. While this is certainly an option, it can prove to be a costly when it comes time to reopen because of the costs of water shock and the remaining filling.