Celebrate your Birthday at the Beach

Beach parties are always fun when the season is right. They don't have to be in the ocean, they can be in a lake or picnic area by a pond. The main thing is to enjoy nature, share soft drinks and, if possible, make a fire in the evening. 

If guests bring gifts, make sure to lock them in the car and cover them with a towel to keep them out of the way. Check with local authorities if a permit is required to cook or light a fire on the beach. Also, find out if there is a trash can or if all trash needs to be removed.

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Outdoor party activities where there is plenty of space are usually done alone. Games of Frisbee, limbo, beach volleyball, shooting, and sandcastle building are among the most popular. 

Guests can be reminded to bring their own beach towels, umbrellas if needed, chairs, and any other swimming or play equipment they wish. 

Refreshing drinks can be as simple as fruit drinks and sandwiches that can be made at home or ordered from a deli. If the party is going to continue into the evening, a full barbecue would be great, but that shouldn't be taken into account by the birthday boy or girl. 

Some simple snacks that can be easily taken to the beach include biscuits and cheese, packets of French fries, samosas, hard-boiled eggs, salted peanuts, carrots and celery sticks, fruit, and biscuits.