How Ceiling Hoist Systems Aligned With Aged Care Quality Standards?

Consumer Dignity and Choice

The Ceiling Hoist helps give back dignity to an immobile resident who requires the lifting system for their daily care. With the equipment in place, less staff are required to perform a lot of the notoriously difficult manual handling tasks. 

These ceiling-mounted patient lift systems from have obvious cost-saving benefits for the organization but can also help in ways that aid the resident in not feeling they are a burden on care staff.

Minimization of infection-related risks through implementing transmission-based precautions

Most customers who have pursued fixed ceiling hoists in the past did so as a way of creating more time to care for the care staff. This is valid given the equipment is permanently stored in the bedroom (no need to find portable equipment) and is constantly charging (no dealing with flat batteries). 

However, an additional benefit of a fixed ceiling hoist is improving infection control – with ceiling hoists, there is no need to share equipment between residents.

Organizational Governance – effective risk management systems and practices

For care staff, the Guldmann Ceiling Hoist system reduces physical stress associated with manual handling tasks. The interventions put in place by Safe Manual Handling Coordinators are typically more successful when staff has access to Ceiling Hoists rather than other portable lifting equipment. 

Furthermore, residents are at less risk of shearing-related injuries and have more opportunities to be active and participate in lifestyle games given their need to be transferred is so much easier.