What work does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist is a dentist who, after obtaining additional dental training, enrolls as a specialist in orthodontic treatment, similar to a general practitioner who continues to specialize in heart problems. If you are looking for an orthodontist, you can meet our Mililani dentists online.

What Are Orthodontics? Questions and answers from 123Dentist

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The main goal of orthodontists is to correct improper occlusion, or "bad bites". Your orthodontist helps straighten misaligned teeth and correct your bite by improving the way your teeth connect. You use braces and dental liners to move your teeth.

In addition, the dentist will also tell you that the wrong bite can make your life very miserable if not treated with:

• Negatively affects your chewing.

• Influence your language by creating a shape.

• Increases the chance of cracking teeth.

• Possible worsening of existing chronic dental complications such as tooth decay, temporomandibular joint, or periodontitis.

The main reasons people seek the help of a dentist are obvious. You want to have that stunning smile that only someone with straight teeth can achieve. The Dental Association has published a study showing that over 90% of adults believe that people with a good smile enjoy better and more tangible benefits in their personal and professional lives!

The benefits of orthodontics include:

• Bite correction.

• Improve the aesthetics of your face.

• Removes tooth accumulation and closes excessive tooth gaps.