Create Your Own Calendar Pages

One of the amusing steps in creating a calendar is making calendar pages; it is the portion where you put pictures and select the way the dates and days of the month will appear on the calendar and how much space you need to allot for each day for notes.

The history of creating elegant calendar pages dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The Hindu, Persian, and ancient Egyptians have their own version of sophisticated and cleverly designed calendars where most calendar pages tell a story of a certain event.

Some create calendars with designs bearing images of saints or deities or local patrons. You can also check the modern events calendar at

Today, we have so many options in creating how we want our calendar to look like ranging from a professional-looking business calendar to a more personalized calendar with personal images showing places you've visited or familiar pictures that remind you of happy memories of a recent event or simply your favorite subjects such as flowers, portraits of food, or places you've always wanted to visit or have visited in the past.

The idea of making your calendar pages interesting is endless and you can be blown away by the thousands of possibilities. Get your inspiration from your environment or try using some of your favorite photos in your family photo album; for photography enthusiasts, use some of your favorite subjects and use them in all your calendar pages either for personal use or something that you can give to your friends or relatives either as giveaway or gifts before the year changes.