Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important?

Hospital and medical center staff wear face masks to prevent the spread of disease. This post will highlight why wearing a face mask is so important and how to wear a face mask in your medical setting.

Why wear a face mask?

Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs. When someone coughs, talks sneezes they could release germs into the air that may infect others nearby. Face masks are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination.

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How should your face mask be worn?

  1. Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching the face mask.
  2. Remove the mask from the dispenser or box and make sure the masks do not have any holes or tears.
  3. Make sure you determine which side is the top and which is the front of the mask, so you can properly wear the mask.
  4. Face masks with ear loops: hold by the ear loops and put the loops around each ear.
  5. Face masks with ties: bring a mask to your nose and place the ties over your head to secure with a tie.
  6. Face masks with bands: hold the mask to your nose and pull the top strap over the crown of your head and pull the bottom strap over your head so its at the nape of your neck.
  7. Pull the mask over your mouth and chin

Do We Need to Wear a “Surgical Mask” to Prevent Swine Flu?

We could also detect folks wearing a surgical mask at an open space with nobody around. According to my understanding, the H1N1 virus isn't airborne. An AIRBORNE VIRUS is thought of where the microorganism could have life or stay in the atmosphere for a very long period

Hence that the question to if we will need to use the Surgical Mask or maybe not? By way of instance, we could see a lot of people wearing masks in crowded areas like airports, shopping malls, and colleges. Places such as these are filled with stone. You can find may companies like Shield of Glory who provide the best medical masks in the USA and help you breathe safely.

Therefore the ideal method to steer clear of the H1N1 virus is to prevent physical contact with the men and women who could be infected or ill We should also avoid frequently touched surfaces like railings for stair and escalator as well as people bathroom doorknobs.

Do We Need to Wear a "Surgical Mask" to Prevent Swine Flu?

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Since we must avert these germs from penetrating our body through our nose, mouth, or our eyes. Bear in mind that nose, eyes, and mouth are typical areas in where we do touch regularly.

So that the best proposal is still

1. Wash your hands as FREQUENT as possible.

2. Avoid touching Nose, Mouth, and Eyes in public places. ( or at least before you washed your hand )

3. Wear Mask if you are infected to avoid spreading your illness to someone else.