Professional Year Program Information Technology

A Professional Year Program Information Technology is a job-ready program for international students studying computer science in Saint Louis. This is a 12-month program that provides international students with an introduction to the work culture and provides practical training. 

The Professional Year Program is available in 3 fields – Accounting, Computer Science and Engineering. You can get it consulting St Louis before joining the course if you check this link right here now.

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Any international student who has graduated from Saint Louis in any of these courses must undergo the professional year program if they want to get a job or settle in Saint Louis. This program allows the students to appreciate the work culture and also makes the students more confident with industry-specific skills. 

Professional Year Program Information Technology or Professional Year Program Engineering is a specifically designed 44-week program that includes:-  

32-week workshop, study and seminars by accredited education providers to know about the Saint Louis work culture and develop business communication skills. The students also get to learn about the interview techniques and resume buildup.

A 12 week unpaid internship with a company to gain hands on experience of the Saint Louis work culture and get specialized training specific to the industry.

The IT Professional Year Program has been developed by the Saint Louis Computer Society (ACS) and is a Department of Home Affairs initiative for international IT graduates. It is a guided pathway from university to employment in Saint Louis.