Sharing My Experience Of Owning An iPad

When the iPad was launched, I did casual research to evaluate the usefulness of the product in my everyday life. A lot is being written about the features, design, and potential of the "great" iPad, and more is being written about its technical flaws. I got refurbished ipads to try on for business work by clicking here.

The iPad is the only tablet worth buying during lockdown

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Now that many people ask me, How do I like the iPad?, I will probably write this article just to help others know if the iPad is the right choice for them or not. 

I found the iPad uncomfortable to hold in starting it surprised me because it looked so elegant. But it starts to feel comfortable with the weight and rounded edges after some time. 

While I can write about the touch screen, 3G, or many other features, they are only important when you find an app you want to use. And that's too personal and I cannot give my opinion on here.

Today the technology costs are incredibly low. The closer comparison of an iPad today is most likely the netbook. It is one of the mini laptops that have become popular these days. 

A netbook costs half the price of an iPad, which makes the iPad look expensive for a device. However, it can be argued because it does do really well when it comes to business and work. So it depends on whether you need the gadget and whether an iPad or netbook better meets these requirements.