Grilling Burgers – How to Get the Perfect Burger Every Time

Grilling burgers is something just about everyone who owns a grill has done. Some of us grill burgers more than others, but not everyone does it the same. It may sound simple enough, but creating the perfect burger is something of an art form.

Here are some tips that can turn your ordinary burger into the talk of the town.

Ground Chuck is Better

Most people who are planning on cooking burgers will typically just buy whatever ground beef is available at their local supermarket. What they do not know is that buying the right type of ground beef will make a huge difference in taste.

There are many restaurants that provide delicious grilled burgers. You can also check out the top restaurant prices to get mouth-watering burgers.

Instead of just buying regular ground beef, you should instead look for ground chuck. You should always buy ground chuck when buying meat for your burgers when you can. Ground chuck may not always be available, but when it is, you are better off spending a little bit more money to buy it.

The More Fat the Better

Just like you would look for marbling when buying steaks, you want to look for fat when buying ground beef for your burgers. The fatter in the ground beef the juicier the burger will be. A juicier burger makes for happier family and friends. Ground chuck has more fat than regular ground beef and thus will make a juicier and tastier burger.

Season Generously

Another mistake many people make is not seasoning their ground beef enough before grilling. Ground beef is not very tasty in and of itself so make it a habit of seasoning early and often. You should season your burgers generously with salt, pepper and your other favorite seasonings.