Advantages Of a Waffle Pod Slab

For piers and slabs with more reactive floors, concrete piles are usually sunk into the ground to increase stability. This is usually done by digging holes at intervals and depths determined by an engineer, then pouring concrete into them and attaching slabs to these pillars. You can use these waffle pod blocks with piers at the time of construction.

– Stronger through better designed panels

– Faster setup

– Save cost

– Safer, without trenches collapsing during rainy weather during construction

– Due to the wet weather, the completion time is no longer certain

– Fire retardant additives to reduce the risk of fire on the construction site of factories etc.

– Adds insulation benefits to the thermal resistance of R1.0 (W/mK). Keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer and reduces energy consumption

– Easy to use

– Continuous

– Strong and flexible

– Low water absorption

– Meets all relevant Australian building codes and standards

They support and offer quotes for all wafer plate designs. If you already have a project from an engineer or want our team to arrange for an engineer to design a ceiling that fits your space requirements and budget, waffle slab manufacturers are happy to help. 

They also take care of all earthworks and machining requirements to get the job done. Waffle slab manufacturers can also provide you with the necessary plumbers, pest control, masons, etc. for builders so you only have to deal with one page. They are fully insured and licensed. They ensure that safe working methods are used at all times.