Tips Help You to Choose the Right Earrings for Yourself

How to choose the right earrings for yourself? It seems like an easy question.

But actually it is really an art to choose which kinds of earrings you should wear! Many young girls might have an experience like this: you really like that pair of earrings, but they just don't look good on you when you wear them. So what kind of earrings can look good on you? I have some tips about it, and I hope it will be helpful for you. You can also have a peek at to buy gorgeous tassel earrings online.

Tip 1: What kind of earrings to wear has something to do with your shape of the face, your haircut, your body shape, and your outfit.

For example, if your facial shape is round, you will look pretty good if you wear some drop earrings, long necklaces. While if your facial shape is a little long, circle/round earrings fit you well.

And about square facial shape girls, small cute earrings or studs will look awesome on you.

Tip 2: For the girls whose body figure is small and cute, big earrings are not good for them, but small and cute jewelry will definitely make their appearance outstanding. While for the girls whose body figure is big and tall, small jewelry doesn't fit them. They had better choose some exaggerated big earrings. That will make them generous and stylish.

Tip 3: The color and texture of earrings should match the color of the skin and the clothes. It's good to choose colors in the same serial and same texture.

Tip 4: For office ladies, simple earrings will make them beautiful and sedate. If you wear jeans and jackets, large stylish earrings will make you feel modern and stylish.