Bone Grafting – Alternative To Dental Implant

Bone grafting is the alternative to dental implants because not everyone is prescribed to undergo this treatment. The reason why many of us are not allowed to undergo this treatment is that if you have lost your tooth because of periodontal disease or any other severe dental conditions it will weaken the jaw bone which will eventually lead to difficulty in supporting the dental implant. You can get more details about dental implants via

As per the bone graft procedure, a bone is added to the jaw. The bone that is getting fixed to the jaw is usually taken from a different body part and increases the mass of the jaw. Dental Implant is easier to perform once the bone fuses with the jaw and in most cases, it has been successful. 

While performing this procedure, your dentist will take a talus from any part of your body. The easiest location for him to extract the talus is the chin or the rear part of your jaw. However, if you are supposed to undergo multiple dental implants then your dentist will extract talus from the hips or front of the leg below the knee.

In fact, dentists generally prefer using bone for this procedure, because it contains live cells which increases the healing time and also accelerates growth. You can tell your dentist that you are uncomfortable in removing the talus, in that case, the bone marrow can be taken from dead bodies kept for dissection or even cows.