The Optimization Of Data Center

To meet business demand and help IT companies to provide more services and value, every corporation has made the optimization methods. New strategies have abandoned the method to reduce the device in the data center, developing the potential of the data center worldwide.

These methods are useful for improving the commercial value of the entire infrastructure of the data center locations. This new method is estimated will save one billion to society, so it is worth spreading. I will describe this method in detail in the section shot.

data center server

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The first is to update the server, which is the focal point of this strategy. The server lifetime is about four years, but some companies continue to use these devices.

The total cost of ownership is increased, and efficiency will be low because the device is aging; meanwhile, the cost of maintenance is very high. Optimization is for a high-performance server. 

Second, the rate of use. Virtualization plays an important role in this regard. The calculation of the design always relied on the data center server in the last days.

To meet the growing demand for computing capacity, the team needs to add enough capacity. Some local servers are not fully used when the utilization rate fails to climax.

Last is to improve the efficiency that is related to energy consumption, heat radiation, space, and floor load. The computing capacity will be affected if these elements are not in balance.