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Investigator Comic's book 27 introduced Batman to the public for the first time. Artist Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the Batman character. The Batman comics were a big success as the most up-to-date crime fighter Batman. District of Columbia comics published the Batman comics in 1940 as a separate comic book title. 

Batman comics have remained a favorite since that time. The ‘top batman comics’ (also known as ‘beste batman-strips’ in Dutch language) have given this crime fighter a place among the fiction superheroes. However, there have been many times when Batman's character has been updated or redrawn to match current trends. 

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This is an example of what happened in the early Batman comics. Many comics from the 1939-1949 period were depicted as pulp fiction. The Batman of that time was presumed to have many of those traits. Batman Comics made Batman appear more naturalistic by showing him armed fighting his enemies as a vigilante using only his battle skills, strength and intellect.

Batman was not considered to be a superhero like the others. He was shown as a man who was determined to defeat law-breaking but who also respects Gotham's laws. Batman is often depicted as a grim, well-informed crime fighter who fights his enemies alone in many Batman comics.

Many changes have been made to Batman comics, but they are still widely read. Many of us have seen the versatile Batman movies, which are testament to the popularity and growing legion of Batman lovers.


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American media and entertainment company, widely considered to be one of the "big two" publishers. Comic Industry Marvel Entertainment, the parent company of the subsidiary, is wholly owned by the Disney Company. Its headquarters can be found in New York City.

Martin Goodman founded Marvel in 1939 under several corporations and imprints. The company is now called Timely Comics and, by 1951, had become Atlas Comics. The Marvel era began in 1961 when the company released The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. You can read all marvel comics online via Strip Web.

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After being used for many years, the Marvel brand was established as the primary brand of the company. Marvel has many well-known characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Wolverine, Squirrel Girl etc. There are many superhero teams, including the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Supervillains include Doctor Doom, Thanos and Loki. Marvel's fictional characters live in one reality, the Marvel Universe. Many locations are similar to real-life ones. Marvel also publishes licensed properties from other companies. Star Wars comics have been published twice, once in 1977 and 1986, and again in 2015.

Marvel Comics no. 1 was timeless first comic, featured many superhero characters, including the Human Torch as well as the Sub-Mariner. Timely Comics introduced many super heroes during the comics' "Golden Age", in the 1940s. Captain America was first featured in Captain America Comics no. 1. 

In 1950, Timely cancelled the last book in the category it published in the 1940s. Goodman founded his own distribution company in 1951, and Timely Comics was renamed Atlas Magazines. The name of Atlas was changed to Marvel Comics in the 1960s. Over the years, Marvel and DC were among the most prominent companies in the field.