What Is A Fountain Pen?

A fountain pen is a pen that has a reservoir of water-based ink. The ink is usually fed to the nib of the pen through a tube and uses a combination of gravity and capillary action. Filling a fountain pen reservoir with ink is a difficult process. 

You have to replace a disposable ink cartridge or in some cases, you may have to use an eyedropper to fill in the ink. Most of the modern-day, pens can use the disposable cartridge with a screw or piston that is used to fill the pen. For more information about fountain pen you may visit https://www.thepenworld.com/product-category/pens/fountain-pens/.

fountain pen

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Fountain pens were more commonly used in the early years of writing. Before these items were introduced, people used quill pens as their writing tool. Most of the pens before the fountain pens were not good enough.

Fountain pens are still desired and employed among a lot of people. Some people still use one of these pens daily as their main writing tool, while others like to collect these pens and learn the history of which they originated.

A lot of fountain pens are seen nowadays from high-end institutions. There are restaurants, banks and resorts in particular who like to use these extraordinary pens to create an exquisite setting within their place of business.

There are a whole lot of classic pens that individuals still gather and cherish. Collectors of this type of fountain pens protect them and do not change anything. It is ideal to maintain them in the initial state to ensure that their price remains intact. There are many manufacturers of fountain pens that people also like to collect.