Whats Included In Dishwashers Regular Maintenance?

Although the dishwasher is intended for washing, this does not mean that it itself is systematically clean. This household appliance, like all others, must be maintained to continue to maintain its efficiency but also to extend its lifespan. Some items, because they are strategically located, are more likely to be clogged and affect the wash quality. So, it doesn’t matter if you have bought the best dishwasher consumer reports, you must clean it regularly to ensure its proper functioning.

Filter cleaning

The dishwasher filter collects dirt and impurities so that they do not clog the drain pump. This part should be cleaned regularly with hot water and washing-up liquid and free of all these residues.

Cleaning the door seals

The door gaskets ensure that the appliance is watertight. To maintain their effectiveness, they must therefore also be free of impurities. Their cleaning is simple, with a soft damp cloth and a brush.

Cleaning the spray arms

The spray arms (or wash arms) diffuse the water during the cycle in order to act on all the dishes. The holes in the arms that allow water to circulate can get clogged, so they must be cleaned by soaking them in hot soapy water and dislodging any residue with a sharp utensil.

Cleaning the tank

It is possible to clean the inside of the dishwasher by programming a vacuum cycle, that is to say, without dishes. If you notice traces of grease, lime deposits, or unpleasant odors, add a cup of white vinegar before running the machine empty.