How To Choose The Right Tools For Bonsai Gardening?

Shaping and styling a bonsai tree should be done in a very artistic manner and the use of the right bonsai tool can make a difference. Several different bonsai tools have been developed over the past years and they can be obtained from a nursery or a gardening shop near you.

A particular bonsai tool is designed to perform a specific task. Once you are accustomed to their usage, which can be shaping, styling, pruning and trimming, you can expand your collection of bonsai tools. Bonsai tools are actually sold separately from the plant but these days, starter kits for beginners have them included. You can also click here to get the best tools for vegetable gardening online.

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There are various types of bonsai tools:

Bonsai Wire Cutters

A very basic bonsai tool, the bonsai wire cutter is designed specifically for removing wires from the plant. Bonsai wire cutters have a round head perfect for systematically cutting the wire, preventing damage to the plant.

Concave Branch Cutter

This razor sharp bonsai tool is used for cutting the branches. This will cause the branch to heal fast because of small scarring.

Round Knob Cutter

The Round Knob Cutter is used to remove the root and trunk keys. It is head shaped like a sphere that produces hollow, round cut that heals quickly because the small scar tissue.

Bud Trimming Shears

This tool has a long and narrow body perfect for cutting the bud of a bonsai tree. However, it is not suitable for general pruning because the blade would quickly become dull.