Fleas Treatment With Professional Pest Control Services

Fleas are now a common problem in homes. Flea infestations often come from a pet dog or cat. It is rare for fleas to transmit malady. Flea bites may leave the host with numerous swollen, itchy marks. They may cause allergic reactions in some people and can transmit several diseases.

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fleas pest control

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Although there are many species of fleas available, most commonly we see 2-3mm long and reddish or tan-colored ones. Adult fleas are common in warm-blooded animals like fowls that eat gore. However, insect hatching is dependent upon natural matter in floor coverings and sleeping material, so high levels of cleanliness may reduce the existence-cycle. 

Flea bites and nibbles are marked by a small, reddened spot around the bite. This is a less severe form of insect bites than other bites. A single bug can eat up to three times its body weight in gore. Although the insect nibble can be felt immediately, it will try to avoid mischief. The irritation caused by the form's response is what causes inconvenience.

Fleas can cause pain for people, but it's our pets that are more likely to be affected. Fleas can cause your pet to try to eat the insects or scratch them. While a brush can help to prevent fleas, an exterminator will ensure your home is free of fleas.